Lovelessness and Depression

A  man or woman’s response to feeling unloved can be the result of an underlying depression.  Depression is more than a mood disorder; in fact, depression distorts thinking as well.  Thus a depressed man may think that he is poor when he is financially comfortable.  A woman may feel that she is unattractive.  Perception actually changes during depressed states.  When a despondent woman looks into the mirror, she sees faults in her image.  This changes as depression is treated.  But there are treatment complexities.

Modern antidepressants may affect a man or woman’s libido.  In fact, reduction in libido or the capacity to have a sustained erection in men is one of the more common side effects of the so-called SSRI drugs (serotonin reuptake inhibitors).  Most patients tolerate periods of reduced libido in the belief that their mood will improve with medication and psychotherapy.  Some, however, cannot abide by reduced sexuality and will refuse to consider medication.

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